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​Maintenance tips for metal keypads


Metal digital keypads are appearing more and more widely in people's perspectives. Like other electronic devices, how should users maintain them? Here are some common methods of maintaining metal digital keypads.

1. Do not use violence

All the keypads are anti-vandalism keypad under normal use, the keys of the metal keypad can withstand hundreds of thousands of presses.Each key of the mechanical metal keypad is equipped with a spring. When the user completes typing on the keypad to enter information, the spring will automatically return to normal. If the keys are squeezed by a strong external force, the spring inside will be deformed, and the elastic effect will be lost over time, and the keys may also be damaged. As long as one of the keys is damaged, the entire metal keypad will also be scrapped. Therefore, warnings not to press forcefully should be posted on terminals that use metal keypads, so as to reduce losses for merchants.

2. Do not plug in or out

For USB metal keypads and PS/2 keypad interfaces, only the USB interface supports hot plugging, so during the installation process of the metal keypad, the PS/2 interface must be connected to the off state, otherwise there will be It may cause damage to the metal keypad, or even burn out the PS/2 interface of the motherboard. For the metal keypad with USB interface, it can be plugged and unplugged when the power is on.

3. Eliminate bad environment

The current keypads most are waterproof keypad. Even if the water is directly soaked on the surface of the keypad, it will not cause damage to the inside of the metal keypad. The humid environment will corrode the internal circuit of the metal keypad, affect the performance, and even damage the metal keypad! Therefore, we should try our best to ensure that the environment of the metal keypad is good, and achieve a good habit of daily cleaning.

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