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Metal access control innovation development.


In recent years, with the proposal of safe city, the construction of smart safe city has become a strategy for urban development, and the access control system has gradually spread to the city, promoting the construction of security city, and building a harmonious and happy life. For metal access control, it is an innovation in the development of access control systems, and it is also a result of high-quality pursuit.

1. New normal of access control system

The progress of technology, making the access control system gradually from the traditional stand-alone mode to the Internet intelligent era, access control system continues to bring innovation to the security industry, but also become a new media in security, new means, with the Internet intelligent access control products into our lives, it plays an increasingly important role.

The new normal of the future development of the access control system is more flexible, and has large scalability and high integration. With the improvement of the research and development capacity of China's access control manufacturers and the integration of new technologies, the access control system is developing steadily, and the quality is also promoted to the forefront of international competition, and is favored by foreign users.

2. Innovative development of metal access control

Metallic electronic products may be no stranger to everyone, and have become popular in recent years. In the field of electronics manufacturing, the international giant Apple through the grinding and research and development of metal, popular in the international market of Apple mobile phone is one of the representatives of metal. In the access control system, the rapid development of metal access control is the same as the popular trend, Yingze electronic FCARD series metal access control through the development of innovative thinking, using a unique metal shell design, smart keyboard panel operation, more advanced microprocessor makes it safer and more reliable reading speed reading, and has the characteristics of self-diagnosis and self-protection.