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What is Fire Telephone System?


The fire telephone system is a special equipment for fire communication. When a fire alarm occurs, it can provide a convenient and efficient means of communication. Anti-vandalism telephone handset is an indispensable communication device in fire control and its alarm system. The fire telephone system has a dedicated communication line. Personnel can communicate with the fire control room through the fixed telephone set on site, or directly communicate with the control room by inserting the portable phone into the jack-type manual or the telephone jack.

"Code for Design of Automatic Fire Alarm System" requires:

1. The special telephone network for fire fighting shall be an independent fire fighting communication system.

2.The fire control room should be equipped with a special telephone switchboard for firefighting, and a common type telephone switchboard or intercom communication telephone equipment should be selected.

3. The setting of telephone extension or telephone jack shall meet the following requirements:

3.1Special telephone extensions for fire protection should be set up in the following parts:

(1) Fire pump room, standby generator room, distribution and substation room, main ventilation and air conditioning room, smoke exhaust machine room, fire elevator machine room, and other machine rooms that are related to fire control linkage control and are often on duty.

(2) The fire extinguishing control system operating device or control room.

(3) Enterprise fire station, fire duty room, and general dispatching room.

3.2 Where there are manual fire alarm buttons, fire hydrant buttons, etc., telephone plug holes should be provided. When the telephone plug holes are installed on the wall, the height of the bottom edge from the ground should be 1.3-1.5m.

3.3 Each refuge layer of the special protection object shall be provided with a special fire-fighting telephone extension or telephone jack every 20m.

3.4 In the fire control room, fire duty room or enterprise fire station, etc., external telephones that can directly call the police should be set up.

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