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What is the industrial keypads and where can we use them?


Industrial keypads are known for their durability and reliability and can withstand various harsh working environments, so they are widely used in many types of industrial production equipment and manufacturing plants. The following are the application fields of industrial keypads.

1. Machine control:

Industrial keypads are often used in the field of machine control as they are designed for control panels and other industrial equipment. These machines have strict control requirements that the keypads should be waterproof industrial keypad to ensure that they still function properly when subjected to water splashes, in order to maintain high durability under high frequency of use.

2. Public places

Generally, there will be a large number of people involved in public places, so the chances of surface damage and collision damage are greater. Compared with other simple digital metal keypads, industrial keypads can meet the high requirements of long-term use in public.

3. Medical field

Industrial keypads are especially suitable for professional needs in the medical field. The special materials and technology used in the keyboard ensure the hygiene and safety of medical devices.

An industrial keypad is an industrial device that is convenient for controlling machines and matching to various production environments. Compared with ordinary keypads, industrial keypads are more durable and practical, and can better meet the needs of industrial production occasions.We produce and develop keyboards with different functions for different industries, such as LED illuminated keypad, anti-vandalism keypad and so on.

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