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Thiết bị cầm tay điện thoại công cộng Xianglong được lắp đặt tại sân bay quốc tế Miami

Thời gian: 2020-10 07-


It’s becoming harder to find a pay phone in an airport as the use of mobile phones becomes ubiquitous and airports get rid of older technology and services to adapt to the changing needs of travellers.

However, some airports, such as Austin-Bergstrom International airport and Miami International Airport, offer convenient local phone calls for travellers who don't have mobile phones.



Xianglong is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial telephone parts, we finished a win-win project at the International Airport in Miami. Xianglong public telephone handset A01 is one of the top-sale products, has a part to play in the communication and security construction of the airport.


They purchased a series of A01 Rugged Vandal Resistant Telephone Handset, hook switch, zinc alloy keypad. The waterproof rating of the telephone handset went up to IP65. It’s well suited to the regions with high humid and harsh climates. Moreover, the telephone handset is made of ABS material as well as the receiver is equipped with a hearing aid and noise reduction microphone. At the same time, full metal keypad enhances the waterproof and dustproof effect of the telephone.

Xianglong provides a wide variety of special telephone accessories and unique services to customers. With14 years’ development, we could customize various non-standard handsets, keypads and cradles for customers quickly. Taking to provide reliable, delicate industrial and military keypads and telephone handsets is sứ mệnh công ty của chúng tôi, chúng tôi tập trung vào trở thành công ty dẫn đầu toàn cầu về bàn phím công nghiệp và thiết bị cầm tay viễn thông!


Để biết thêm chi tiết. chào mừng đến với eamil chúng tôi hoặc yêu cầu tại www.yyxlong.com. Chúng tôi luôn sẵn sàng giành được các dự án cho bạn!