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Để giảm tỷ lệ tự tử --- Một nhà tù ở Anh đã lắp đặt điện thoại trong phòng giam và thiết lập điện thoại cố định

Thời gian: 2020-06 23-

Prison phone, on the one hand, facilitates inmates and families, on the other hand, while effectively mobilizing the enthusiasm of prisoners to reform, it stabilizes the sentiment of the family members of prisoners and helps promote local harmony and stability.

According to the British "Daily Mail", the Ramoye prison in Jersey has installed landline telephones in each cell. Once the prisoners feel sad or depressed, they can call the hotline for help in the middle of the night. This groundbreaking counseling service is to reduce the suicide rate of prisoners.

All 150 cells in the Ramoye prison in Jersey now have telephones. Prisoners can use the telephone to anonymously call the four inmates who have been trained by the Samaritans. Samaritan will be a UK-based charity that provides 24/7 assistance to people in crisis. Each “operator” on duty must receive a 10-week training course.

If the plan is successful, Samaritan will hope to promote it nationwide. This was the idea that Warden Nick Cameron had come up with. He said he wanted to help prisoners who might be struggling in "dark days", and he thought that prisoners were more willing to talk to their peers than to official advisers.

He said: "The thought of suicide and depression usually occurs at midnight or early morning. This is an important and simple initiative, meaning that those who want to end their lives in the early morning and midnight can talk to others."

"Calls between prisoners allow them to talk about the prison experience together, most prison cells are around 5 pm Lock it, and then don’t reopen it until 7 o’clock the next morning, which means that the prisoner has been in quarantine for nearly 12 hours."

Any prisoner can apply to become a listener, but Cameron said that for security reasons, many people will be excluded. The other two prisoners are currently undergoing training, and the total number of "operators" at La Moyer Prison in Jersey will reach six.

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