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Bộ Giáo dục: Trường học có thể cấm học sinh mang điện thoại di động vào trường

Thời gian: 2021-06 03-

Bộ Giáo dục: Trường học có thể cấm học sinh mang điện thoại di động vào trường

1.Schools may prohibit students from bringing mobile phones into the school

According to news on the website of the Ministry of Education on June 1, the Ministry of Education announced the "Provisions on the Protection of Schools for Minors." It is mentioned that schools can prohibit students from bringing smart terminal products 


such as mobile phones into the school or using them on campus; those who are allowed to bring them in should be managed in a unified manner, except for teaching needs, they are not allowed to be brought into the classroom. The Internet facilities provided by the school for students should install online protection software for minors or adopt other security protection technical measures to prevent students from contacting information that is not suitable for minors; if network products, services, and information are found to be harmful to the physical and mental health of students , Or students who use the Internet to carry out illegal activities, they should take immediate measures and report to the relevant authorities.

2.What can we do

This is also a trend of a surge in the number of campus telephone. We are specialized in industrial handset for telephone, with high quality and competitive price. If you have any intersts please feel free to contact me.

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