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Vị trí thiết kế và yêu cầu của điện thoại chữa cháy

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What is the firefighter telephone system?

The fire-fighting telephone system is a special equipment for fire-fighting communication. When a fire alarm occurs, it can provide a convenient and fast communication method. It is an indispensable communication device in the fire control and alarm system. The fire-fighting telephone system has a dedicated communication line. Personnel can talk to the fire control room through a fixed telephone set up on site, or use a portable phone to plug into the jack-type hand report or the telephone jack to talk directly with the control room.


Design Location

The switchboard of the fire-fighting telephone is located in the fire control room, which is an important part of the fire-fighting telephone; the extension of the fire-fighting telephone is set in each key part of the building (such as the fire pump room, generator room, distribution and transformation room, computer network room, main ventilation and Air-conditioning machine room, smoke prevention and exhaust machine room, fire control system operating device, etc.), capable of full-duplex voice communication with the fire telephone switchboard; fire telephone jacks are installed in various parts of the building, and the telephone handle can be connected to the fire telephone switchboard Communication.

Yêu cầu thiết kế

The reliability of the fire-fighting dedicated telephone line is related to whether the fire-fighting communication command system is unblocked during a fire. Therefore, the new "Fire Regulations" emphasizes that the fire-fighting dedicated telephone system should be an independent fire-fighting communication system, which means that ordinary telephone lines or integrated wiring networks (PDS) cannot be used. System) Instead of a dedicated telephone line for fire protection, the dedicated telephone network for fire protection shall be independently wired.

 The fire control room shall be equipped with a special telephone switchboard for fire fighting.

 In order to ensure the reliability of the special fire-fighting telephone, the call mode between the special fire-fighting telephone switchboard and the telephone extension or jack should be direct, and there should be no exchange or transfer procedures in the middle. Talk on the phone.

 In the event of a fire, the communication with the main places of fire fighting operations must be unimpeded to ensure the normal progress of fire fighting operations. Therefore, it is stipulated that the setting of telephone extensions or telephone jacks should meet the following requirements:

 1. Fire pump room, generator room, distribution and transformation room, computer network room, main ventilation and air conditioning room, smoke prevention and exhaust room, fire control system operation device or control room, enterprise fire station, fire duty room, general dispatch room , Fire-fighting elevator machine rooms and other machine rooms that are related to fire-fighting linkage control and are often on duty should be equipped with special fire-fighting telephone extensions. The special telephone extension for fire protection shall be fixedly installed in an obvious and easy-to-use part, and shall be marked differently from ordinary telephones.

 2. There are manual fire alarm buttons or fire hydrant buttons, etc., telephone jacks should be installed, and manual fire alarm buttons with telephone jacks should be selected.

 3. Each refuge floor should be equipped with a special fire-fighting telephone extension or telephone jack every 20m.

 4. When the telephone jack is installed on the wall, the height from the bottom edge to the ground should be 1.3-1.5m.

 5. Fire control rooms, fire duty rooms or corporate fire stations are the main places for fire fighting operations, so the new "Fire Regulations" emphasizes the need to set up external telephones that can directly report to the police.

How about Xianglong Firefighter Red Phone Handset's Performance?

Các thành phần chính:

1. Shell made of ABS

2. 4 wires 250mm coil cord with PP insulation and PVC

plastic coated.

3. 6.35mm audio jack.

4. Dynamic 150ohms transmitter and receiver

5. Special main board for fire alarm system.

Electrical Features:

1. Dynamic 150ohms receiver:

Impedance: 150Ω±20%(@ 1000Hz)

SPL: 95±3dB


Working frequency: 200~4000 Hz

Rated Voltage: 3.4±0.5V

Rated Current: 5-20mA

SPL: 20±3dB

3. RLR: 5~15 dB

SLR: -7~2 dB



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