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Xianglong Thiết kế mới-Bàn phím cảm ứng bằng thép không gỉ chiếu sáng-B809

Thời gian: 2019-10 18-

Recently,Xianglong's R&D team and sales team held the third quarter matchmaking meeting, The research and development direction of new products has always been the focus of Xianglong.If there is innovation, there will be progress.

Optical touch stainless steel illuminate keypad B809 not yet officially promoted online, We will finish it by the end of this month.

Below are the highlights of this product:

Các ứng dụng:

Mainly used in various unsupervised or semi-regulated information terminals, such as Internet terminals, universities, shopping malls, hotels, airports, stations and other public places, self-service kiosks, public telephones, instrumentation, security access control systems, etc. .

Tính năng chính:

1. The keypad assembly is composed of stainless steel panel (plus glue process), partition plate and PCB board. The product has good anti-riot, anti-corrosion and waterproof properties. Especially in harsh environments, it can also be operated very well.

2. User-friendly key layout, the button is filled with high-strength, high-transparency glue, which improves the recognition sensitivity of the button, and the long-term use does not cause characters to fall off or wear. Key surface characters and patterns can be customized according to customer requirements

3. Bề mặt bàn phím thiết kế tích hợp phím từ và bảng điều khiển, có chức năng chống thấm nước và chống bụi tốt.

4. The button adopts electronic infrared induction design, without the mechanical fatigue characteristics of the conventional button, the button life is longer. The button effect can be displayed by changing the state of the LED light, and it is possible to clearly distinguish whether the button is pressed.

5. Nút truyền ánh sáng cho đèn nền cấp công nghiệp (đỏ / xanh dương / xanh lá cây / trắng) nhiều màu có sẵn

Thiết kế bàn phím 6.3X5, 10 phím số, 5 phím chức năng (cũng có thể ghép thành 6 phím chức năng). Bố cục nút có thể được thiết kế lại theo yêu cầu của khách hàng.

7. Phương thức giao tiếp bao gồm các phương thức giao tiếp UART và IIC (tùy chọn).

Where there is a will,there is a way!