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Цифрова клавіатура 4x4 з підсвічуванням, встановлена ​​у торгових автоматах "Надій книжки"

Час: 2020-04-24

Pick a book. Take a trip.

CarryOnBooks was launched by The Literary Press Group,its custom book vending machine featuring a curated variety of 30 Canadian-authored books by independent, literary publishers across Canada. Located at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and in partnership with Nieuport Aviation.


As for why this machine is in the airport, “We thought Billy Bishop was the best place to launch a book vending machine because there’s no real entertainment options on the flight,” Christen Thomas, Literary Press Group's executive director, told the Toronto Star. “We often see passengers reading the literature on the plane.”

Xianglong's B660 4x4 digital illuminated keypad is the ideal of this vending machine project: 


1. Specially designed keyboards meet the highest demands with regard to design, functionality, longevity and high protection level. 

 2. This keypad with willful destruction, vandal-proof, against corrosion, weather-proof especially under extreme climatic conditions, water proof/dirt proof, operation under hostile environments. .

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