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What are the standard requirements for general public telephone booths and signs?

Taimi: 2022-10-18

When we visit some public places, especially in forest parks,uaeaphone booths will be erected in places where the leaves are not dense, so when we see this publictelephone booths, have you ever thought about the knowledge in it? For example, what does a public telephone booth do? What are the standardized requirements for its signs, etc.? Does it help us in life? Let's take a look.

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Requirements for general public telephone booths and signs


In the early days, some telephone booths were charged for use,as well as present, and the public telephone booths above belong to emergency rescue telephones. Generally, you only need to take off the microphone and dial the rescue number written on the side to dial out for help. In this waythe staff can quickly find the location of the person through the location of theuaeaphone booth.


In foreign countries, the more common card and coin-operatedtotogiphone booths have been integrated into foreign streetscapes.Telephone booths can not only make phone calls, but also provide storage items for environmental protection workers.lea o le abe too singular and forgotten by people.


e ui inai the Internet and smart phones tuputupu aʻe,uaeaphone booths have begun to lag behind, but in some special places, publicuaeaphone booths are still necessary, and the logo needs to be in harmony with the environment, and the logo is beautiful and eye-catching and standardized.


Se leleiuaeaphone booth can become a convenient tool for residents, for example, it can provide services such as online shopping, telephone video, including traffic information inquiry, which enriches the choices of residents and also controls the development of society well.

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