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Wypłacić pieniądze bez karty bankowej?

Czas: 2021-05-31

Wypłacić pieniądze bez karty bankowej? 

1.Keypad ATM machines usher in new changes

People who withdraw money from ATMs in many places may have noticed that there is an option of "cardless withdrawal" on some of the cash dispensers, and the ATM itself has a different new camera. This is actually a new version of cash dispensers. Change-to withdraw money by swiping the face, which means that for individuals, the situation of swallowing or forgetting to bring the card will be completely a thing of the past.


In fact, in the past, banks also have similar options for card-free and no-discount deposits, but for this operation, you must first apply for an appointment from mobile banking, and then enter the lengthy appointment code or related information when you arrive at the place, which is very troublesome. It is better to bring your own card. Go again. Now, with the advent of face-swiping and withdrawal, people can finally make deposits and withdrawals without a card, which can be said to fully demonstrate the convenience of the current information age.

First click on the option of "Face Scanning Service", then enter your ID or mobile phone number as required, and then directly swipe your face. After passing through, the screen will display all the bank cards under your personal name. Just select and click on the account, enter the amount and The transaction password can complete a deposit and withdrawal.

2.Benefits of no card

For a long time in the past, there have been many cases where cameras are installed at the same time for card reading and password recognition by destroying or forging card sockets, and now there are many middle-aged and elderly people who deposit and withdraw money. If the card is swallowed due to improper operation, etc. The problem, there may be more trouble, so cardless deposits and withdrawals are obviously safer, which can effectively prevent personal information from leaking.


At the same time, because the bank card itself is very easy to lose or even be stolen when used, this further increases the risk. So as long as you don’t bring the card, the problem about the card is obviously gone, and it is impossible for someone to copy the card information. Leaked personal privacy. In the past, face-swiping payment was popular, now face-swiping deposits and withdrawals. In the future, as one of personal biological information, face will most likely become a key protected existence.

3.What can we do

Specjalizujemy się w klawiatura przemysłowa for ATM machines, with high quality and competitive. If you have any interests please feel free to contact me!

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