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Inteligentne Budynki - Integracja Systemów dla Bezpieczeństwa, Internetu itp.

Czas: 2019-10-30

First-- the background analysis

With the development of society, people's life rhythm is getting faster and faster, people's requirements for living environment and quality of life are getting higher and higher, especially in the house where they live, people want to live in a comfortable, convenient, safe, information. In the building. Therefore, many companies focus on the development of intelligent buildings, and in the interior of the building, the combination of information technology and building technology, resulting in "intelligent building."

The building intelligent system integrates the security, property management, information service (Internet) and other systems with the current building technology and modern computer, communication, control and other high-tech systems, and uploads it to the monitoring and management center through the transmission network. The intelligent system is based on a combination of computer technology, security technology, intelligent technology and building automation.

Many companies in the security industry to increase research and development efforts, the introduction of intelligent buildings, intelligent monitoring, intelligent applications, intelligent alarms, to create a smart building security monitoring network.

Second-- the solution

Fast and secure network transmission

With 10 Gigabit to bone and Gigabit to access, all ports can be switched and forwarded at Layer 2 and Layer 3 line rates. Various service features such as MAC address binding, VLAN division, ACL access control, and QOS management can ensure that the information systems of intelligent buildings based on the network platform operate quickly, efficiently, safely and reliably. Effectively manage the use of network resources to defend against cyber attacks.

Third-- intelligent POE power supply

Intelligent power supply configuration - POE switch can manage the power supply priority, power supply, power supply voltage, and supply current of each port, and restart the POE power supply chip and restore the POE power supply chip configuration;

Intelligent power supply alarm - including POE switch machine temperature alarm, power supply abnormal alarm, total power alarm alarm, flow abnormal alarm, device drop alarm;

Intelligent power supply applications - including POE switch scheduled restart, a port timing restart, open / close, power on / off, to maximize protection of power supply security.

Intelligent power supply monitoring - POE equipment temperature, power, voltage, current, and flow can be monitored and managed through visual graphics.