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Happy Women's Day


Women's Day, also known as International Women's Day, is an important day to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in economic, political and social fields.

This day symbolizes the history of female workers’ struggle for rights and interests, and is also a recognition and celebration of female power. Women's Day originated in Chicago in 1909, when working women held general strikes and marches to fight for their rights. Since then, this festival has gradually been accepted by all parts of the world and has become an international festival recognized by the United Nations. Women's Day is celebrated in different ways in different regions. It can be a way of respecting and appreciating women, or it can be a celebration of women's achievements in social and economic fields.

In addition, Women's Day is also a time to remind people to pay attention to and improve women's rights and interests, including promoting gender equality and opposing gender discrimination.

In Xianglong Communication, we have many incredible female workmates and they showed awesome ability in their work and offer the best service, quality control to our clients. They devoted their passion and power in work and showed unbelievable female power. Xianglong team prepares porcelain gift for them and may every day be filled with love, joy and appreciation.  

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