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What is the technical requirements of fire emergency telephone?


The fire telephone system is a special equipment for fire communication. When a fire alarm occurs, it can provide convenient and fast means of communication. It is an indispensable communication device in the fire control and alarm system. The fire telephone system has a dedicated communication line. Personnel can communicate with the fire control room through the fixed telephone set on the site, or directly communicate with the control room by inserting a portable phone into the jack hand newspaper or telephone jack.

A telephone system used for communication between the fire control room and various parts of the building. It consists of a fire telephone switchboard, a fire telephone extension, and a fire telephone jack. A dedicated independent system that separates fire telephones from ordinary telephones, and generally uses centralized intercom telephones.

The fixed extension telephone has the functions of ringing and off-hook calls and is used in conjunction with the main unit of the fire telephone; the portable telephone handset can call the main unit by inserting it into the jack, which is easy to carry.

The switchboard of the fire telephone is located in the fire control room, which is an important part of the fire telephone; the fire telephone extension is set in key parts of the building, such as fire pump room, generator room, power distribution room, computer network room, main ventilation and Air conditioning machine room, smoke prevention and exhaust machine room, fire control system operating device, etc.


The fire control room shall be equipped with a special telephone switchboard for fire protection. In order to ensure the reliability of the fire fighting special telephone, the call mode between the fire fighting special telephone switchboard and the telephone extension or jack should be direct, and there should be no switching or switching procedures in the middle, that is, it is advisable to use a common electric direct telephone or a pair of Speak on the phone.

In the event of a fire, the communication with the main place of fire fighting operations must be unimpeded to ensure the normal progress of fire fighting operations. Therefore, it is stipulated that the setting of telephone extensions or telephone jacks should meet the following requirements:

1. Fire pump room, generator room, power distribution and transformation room, computer network room, main ventilation and air conditioning room, smoke control room, fire control system operating device or control room, enterprise fire station, fire duty room, general dispatching room Fire fighting elevator machine rooms and other machine rooms related to fire-fighting linkage control and often manned should be equipped with special fire fighting telephone extensions. Fire-fighting special telephone extensions should be fixed and installed in obvious and easy-to-use places, and should be marked differently from ordinary telephones.

2. Where there are manual fire alarm buttons or fire hydrant buttons, etc., telephone jacks should be installed, and manual fire alarm buttons with telephone jacks should be selected.

3. Each refuge floor should be equipped with a fire fighting special telephone extension or telephone jack every 20m.

4. When the telephone jack is installed on the wall, the height from the bottom edge to the ground should be 1.3-1.5m.

5. The fire control room, fire duty room or enterprise fire station are the main places for fire operations. Therefore, the new "Fire Regulations" emphasizes that an outside telephone that can directly call the police should be set up.

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