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​What fields are keypads suitable for?


1.Access Control System

The access control system is an effective measure to address the security management of important department entrances and exits. Password authentication access control systems and biometric access control systems are common access control systems. The access control system using password authentication has the advantages of easy operation, no need to carry cards, and low cost. So the industrial keypad, as a component of the access control system, is often suitable for access control systems in banks, hotels, computer rooms, armories, confidential rooms, office rooms, intelligent communities, factories, etc.

2.Industrial Communication

In industrial communication, due to the need to adapt to various environments, industrial keypads have a higher level of protection and stronger adaptability to harsh environments.So the keypads are normally waterproof keypadsanti-vandalism keypad and widely used in fields such as petrochemical, mechanical manufacturing, transportation, electricity, national defense, military industry, aerospace, internet, agriculture, voice numerical control, automation control, medical treatment, communication, measurement instruments, etc.

3.Self-service Terminals

A self-service terminal is a device composed of a human-machine interface, which is operated by users according to device prompts. Therefore, the keypad is an indispensable component on a self-service terminal device. The digital keypad is widely used in ATM machines and automatic payment machines such as finance; On public service AFC, self-service library service machines, self-service tax machines, and station self-service ticket machines; Consumer retail vending machine machines, self-service gas dispensers, self-service ordering machines; Self registration machines and self-service pick-up machines for medical services and so on.

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