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What is a Firefighter's Telephone System?

Ħin: 2021-05-18

X'inhu a Firefighter's Telephone System?

1.Firefighter's Telephone System

A firefighters telephone system is a special telephone system that allows firefighters to talk to each other inside a building when they can't use their radios. In a large building, so they can talk to each other while battling fires, firefighters use their two-way radios. But when the radios just don't work, the firefighter's phone system is the next best way to communicate.



The whole firefighter's phone system is a stand-alone, Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) - just like the dialup system for the phone company. The main difference between ma-belle and the firefighter's phone system is the firefighter's phone uses no bell ringing voltage, no dial-tone, and you can't dial-up any other building.

Instead of ringing, the phone at the fire command center just detects another phone plugged in and sounds an alert tone until answered.


3.What can we do?

Aħna speċjalizzati fih Industrial handset for the firefighter telephone system. We can also laser print the logo on the handset surface. If you have any interests please feel free to contact me!

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