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Kif taħdem il-magna ATM?

Ħin: 2021-06-25

Kif ma Magna ATM xogħlijiet?

1. Do you know how ATM works? 

How does it ensure the safety of the money in the ATM? Recently, Dibao, the largest manufacturer of ATM machines in the United States, released a video showing the assembly process of ATM machines. 


The special shell is the main body of each ATM, which is both the "skeleton" and the "armor". It is often welded into a solid whole. Its biggest enemy is not the weather, but the cunning gangsters.

The shell is anti-robber, and the host is anti-hacker. Providing accurate access services is an indispensable function of ATM.

The most important thing is to identify counterfeit banknotes. Even if the criminals store counterfeit banknotes together, the ATM will directly spit out the counterfeit banknotes by comparing it with the "currency template".

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This is the last stop of ATM assembly, which is the assembly of screens, card readers, and keyboards. Just like in China, there is a "stealing record" trick in foreign countries. Criminals install scanning devices in the card slot in advance to steal user's bank card information. It is understood that in the United States, banks lose more than 5 billion U.S. dollars each year due to illegal records. In order to prevent "pirated recordings", the designer created a jamming device that can release electromagnetic waves and interfere with criminals' scanners. Of course, similar equipment has been used in China.

2. X'nistgħu nagħmlu?

Aħna speċjalizzati fl-industrija keypad for ATM machines, bi kwalità għolja u prezz kompetittiv. Jekk għandek xi interessi nitolbok li tħossok liberu li tikkuntattjani!

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