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आपत्कालीन एसओएस टेलिफोन हँडसेट रेल बोगद्यात वापरला जातो

वेळ: 2020-09-09

The significance of tunnel construction is to increase the travel time of vehicles, make people’s lives more convenient and improve their living standards.

The tunnel telephone is an industrial telephone designed and produced for the unique environment of the tunnel. It is suitable for use in subways, mines and other environments that have special requirements for moisture, fire, noise, dust, frost, and destructive resistance.

अभिनंदन झियांगलाँग Emergency SOS Telephone Handset Installed in Rail Tunnel यूके मध्ये,

Xianglong Emergency SOS Telephone Handset using PC material handset shell, resulting in high anti-knock performance. Working Temperature is -30℃~+50℃,   Users can choose 900mm 304# stainless steel armored cord or 250mm PVC coiled Cord. (Length could be customized) . Standard Pierce-proof and Hi-Fi transmitter and receiver, noise-canceling mic and hearing aid receiver all could be made. The handset also recommends applying to areas such as self-service terminals, airports, marine, campus, chemical plant, etc public and industrial facilities.

विज्ञान आणि तंत्रज्ञानाच्या विकासावर विसंबून राहून समाधानकारक हाय-टेक उत्पादनांची पूर्तता वापरकर्त्यांना झियांगलॉन्गचा पाठपुरावा आहे.

 आपण देखील आपल्या कोणत्याही प्रकल्पासाठी या प्रकारची कीपॅड शोधत असाल तर कृपया आमच्याशी संपर्क न करता संपर्क साधा!