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Слушалката Ксианглонг се користи во телефонот Тунел

Време:-2021 07 01-

Слушалката Ксианглонг се користи во телефонот Тунел

1. Што е тоа тунел телефон

The tunnel under construction is characterized by noisy sound on site, and the signal is weakened or no signal as the length of the excavation moves further. Under normal circumstances, when the environmental noise exceeds 90 decibels, the ringtones of ordinary telephones often cannot let the staff hear the ringtones, resulting in production scheduling instructions not being communicated in time, causing economic losses. The system is specially designed for the high humidity environment of various tunnels. It has the characteristics of high protection, low power consumption, dust and moisture resistance, strong anti-noise ability, and clear and loud sound. After the system phone rings several times (default 5 times), the phone automatically answers, the caller can make a call broadcast, and its voice will be broadcast to nearby construction personnel through an external speaker.


2. Што можеме да сториме?

Ние сме специјализирани во индустриски handset for tunnel telephone, со висок квалитет и конкурентна цена. Ако имате какви било интереси, слободно контактирајте ме!

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