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Why it's necessary to make a ground wire for the fuel dispenser?

Време:-2021 09 29-

Why it's necessary to make a ground wire for the диспензерот за гориво?

1.What's the ground wire?

The grounding wire is a wire directly connected to the earth. It can also be called a safety loop wire. When it is in danger, it transfers the high voltage directly to the earth, which is regarded as a lifeline.


2.Why it's necessary to make a ground wire for the fuel dispenser?

Due to the poor insulation performance of the диспензерот за гориво or the humid environment, the shell of the fuel dispenser will be charged with a certain amount of static electricity, and electric shock accidents may occur in severe cases. In order to avoid accidents, a wire can be connected to the metal shell of the electrical appliance, and the other end of the wire can be connected to the ground. Once the electrical leakage occurs, the grounding wire will bring static electricity into the ground and release it. In addition, it is more important for electrical maintenance personnel to use electric soldering iron to solder the circuit, sometimes because the electric soldering iron is charged and break down and damage the integrated circuit in the electrical appliance.

People who use computers sometimes ignore the grounding of the mainframe. In fact, connecting a ground wire to the mainframe of the computer can prevent the occurrence of crashes to a certain extent.

3. Што можеме да сториме?

We Yuyao Xianglong Communication Industrial are specialized in Industrial keypad for fuel dispenser machines. We will design the ground wire for the keypad, to avoid electric shock problems. Our keypads are explosion proof, vandal proof and waterproof. If you have any interests please feel free to contact me!

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