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Инсталиран телефон, кој е отпорен на вандал, инсталиран во затвор проект

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Prison industrial telephone is mainly consists of 4 parts: 1. G style explosion proof телефон, 2.Zinc Alloy durable hook switch, 3.Metal digital тастатура, 4.Stainless steel rugged enclosure.

Prison phone, on the one hand, facilitates inmates and families, on the other hand, while effectively mobilizing the enthusiasm of prisoners to reform, it stabilizes the sentiment of the family members of prisoners and helps promote local harmony and stability.

Xianglong as one of a leader in the telephone accessories industry, providing various customized services for prison phones, mic and receivers、connnectors、logos、colors,.etc are all optional. Except used in prison,it's also widely used in drug treatment centers, detention centers, and judicial offices.

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So if any demand of prison telephone accessories, please feel free to contact us.