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Hiri Kaihoko Haumaru Maama Huringa Momo-Taakapa Aunoa Whakataetae Whakahoahoa Keypad

Time: 2020-08-06

Recently, our factory made some OEM products for our customer's projects, our customer said they are very satisfied with our products and gave a very positive comment, both sides hope to establish long-term cooperative relations in the future!

OEM Sealed Housing Weatherproof Access Control Metal Keypad

4x4 16keys zinc alloy illuminated keypad + stainless steel weatherproof housing, and use special tamper-proof screws to prohibit others from opening at will, finally constructed into a durable access control product. Keypad pattern、LED color are all could be customized.

It's ideal application for access control systems、video door phones、Intercoms, etc..door entry service.

Kei raro nei etahi waahanga:

1.Ka taea te whakariterite hei whakahohe

2.Programmable whakaurunga whakauru me nga tohu tohu

3.Ko nga waahanga katoa he mea whakarite mai i te papapātuhi: Kaore he take mo tetahi kaihoahoa a-waho

4.IP66 Whakatauranga Papaawhiuru

5.Mata ki te pouaka kuri-takahi paerewa paeroa (kei te pouaka-runga hoki te pouaka hoki)

6.Mahuahua me te ataahua kowiri tira maitai

7. Huaputa o te tima: NC Whakapā maroke, 50mA @ 24VDC max.

8.Keypad illuminates when a button is pressed; backlight can be programmed for FULL, AUTO, or OFF in       standby mode

It's reported that smart lock sales are estimated to be 2 million units in the U.S.A.  The worldwide usage estimate is much bigger.  The barrier to more growth is that the smart lock retail cost is substantial compared to a single function lock, such as video doorbell only.  For fully featured smart lock with IoT, by the time people add the video doorbell module, the WiFi module, and the secure keypad module, it can cost $500+.  This is a high cost of entry for most consumers.  So, they end up buying only the video camera-doorbell for $100-$200.  Plus, the customer has to do some wiring to make all the modules work together.  As a result, many people need to hire an electrician for a professional installation, since the customer may not be skilled in doing electrical wiring. 

Na me pehea te whanake me te hanga i nga keypads kia ataahua ake, kia ngawari ake hoki ki te whakauru a nga kaihoko ka tino nui te heke mai. Ko te whakarato i nga hua ki nga hua hangarau tino pai ko te whai a Xianglong ma te whakawhirinaki ki te whakawhanaketanga o te hangarau me te hangarau.

Mo etahi atu korero, mihi ki te uiui ki a matou!