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Inona no andraikitry ny Yuyao Xianglong Communication amin'ny fifandraisan-davitra indostrialy?

Fotoana: 2022-09-16

Good day my dearest partners, it is my best honor to introduce our company for you. Yuyao Xianglong Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. naorina tamin'ny 2005 by Mr. Zhu Shuangshui. At first, we mainly focus onpublic payphonesbut with high speed development of mobile telecommunication, the market share was reduced. At that time, we began to focus on ny famokaranaindustrial and military communication telephone handsets, cradles, keypads and related accessories.

Under the help of 8 experienced R&D engineers, we could customize various non-standard handsets, keypads and cradles for customers quickly. With molding workshop, molding injection workshop,Die cutting workshop,metal punching workshop, stainless steel font etching workshop ary wire processing workshop, we produce 70% components by ourselves, which guaranteed the quality and delivery time at the biggest extent.

In raw material, we used UL approved Cheimei ABS and PC to confirm our handset with vandal proof and anti-UV features; We used Zamark zinc alloy raw material for keypad and cradle to make sure them with vandal-proof, rugged and abrasion proof features; For PCB, we used double sided PCB with cooper wires with conformal coating surface treatment with reliable conductive features.

aryduring production process,we have introduced button graphicmasoanalyzer, working life tester, elastic tester, salt spray tester, keypad visual scanner, pulling strength tester, military grade high and low temperature tester, drop tester, world standard electroacoustic index tester, etc, to ensure the technical requirements and standards meet the demand at home and abroad.


Recently, the industrial handset was also introduced to firefighter telephone panel and public transport with shake-proof features, so if you have demand of it, please feel free to contact us by email:sales01@yyxlong.com ortelephone/whatsapp 0086-13858299721.