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Inona avy ireo mari-pandrefesana amin'ny vokatra plastika?

Fotoana: 2022-08-06

According to the continuous development of the market,the flame retardantperformance test of different materials has formed different standards. The flame retardancy of a material refers to the ability of a material or product to burn with flames under specified test conditions. It includes some characteristics related to whether it is easy to ignite, and whether it can maintain the ability to burn. After years of development, flame retardant testing has formed a variety of standards and has become a very important testing item in the relevant industry.

For plastics, the UL94 rating is a widely used standard for the flammability performance of plastic materials. It is used to evaluate the ability of a material to extinguish after being ignited. There are many ways to judge according to the burning speed, burning time, anti-drip ability and whether the drip bead burns.

GradeConditionFlame ExtinctionMitete
94V-0Twice 10-second burning tests 
10 SekondaVoarara
94V-160 SekondaVoarara
94V-260 Sekondanavela

There are also special requirements for flame retardant for communication products in the industrial field, such as communication products in the field of fire protection, which require the product itself to have flame retardant properties.Yuyao Xianglong Communication Industry Co., Ltd.has introduced flame-retardant ABS material to produce handles and keyboards to meet the technical requirements of customers according to the product needs of special industries, as shown in the following figure:



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