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Fanadihadiana mifaninana amin'ny tsena iraisam-pirenena sy fifanakalozan-kevitra momba ny tsena 2019 -2025

Fotoana: 2019-07-19

About Interactive Kiosk Industry:
A kiosk is an interactive computerized system which is specifically designed for public use in order to deliver information and enabling transactions. Interactive kiosk have found a noticeable adoption among retailers so that they could provide self-service access to products and services for the customers in public venues such as malls and super markets.

Vertical of Interactive Kiosk Market are:

• Karakara ara-pahasalamana
• Antsinjarany
• Government
• Banking and Financial Services
• Fitaterana
• Entertainment
• Hospitality
• Ny hafa

Type Segment Analysis of the Interactive Kiosk Market is:

• Bank Kiosks
• Self-Service Kiosks
• Vending Kiosks