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Xianglong G style Telephone Handset Used In Hazardous Communication

Laiks: 2020-09-23

What Is Hazardous Area Communication?


Hazardous area refers to an area where flammable or explosive gases, vapors, dust or explosives are usually gathered.

In dangerous working environments, safety is not only a priority — it’s a requirement. When sending workers into hazardous areas, excellent communications are key to ensuring they remain safe. But the right communications can do more than just improve worker safety; they can also vastly increase efficiency, leading to greater return on investment for your organization.

What’s The Challenge For Such Extreme Conditions?

Hazardous areas are defined as such because of their extreme conditions. Often, field workers are subject to extreme heat, moisture, shocks, jolts, and all manner of ruggedness. They need equipment that continues to function within these atmospheres because when communications equipment fails, production comes to a halt.


What Could Xianglong Do To Solve It?

The devices these field workers use need to be as tough and rugged as the environments themselves. Xianglong G style emergency telephone handset are engineered for demanding environments with IP67 rating. This means they can withstand all the shocks, drops, vibrations, moisture, and temperatures your employees put them through.

Xianglong veikšana vienmēr ir bijusi lietotāju apmierinošu augsto tehnoloģiju produktu nodrošināšana, paļaujoties uz zinātnes un tehnoloģijas attīstību.

 Ja jūs arī meklējat šāda veida tastatūru jebkuram projektam, lūdzu, sazinieties ar mums bez vilcināšanās!