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Kādas ir ugunsdzēsības tālruņu īpašības salīdzinājumā ar parastajiem telefoniem?

Laiks: 2021-06-21

What are the characteristics of fire fireighting telephones compared with ordinary telephones?

1. The characteristics of the firefighting telephone

The special fire-fighting telephone is the same as an ordinary telephone, but the fire-fighting telephone is placed in the fire control room. After a fire occurs, the central control personnel can call 119.

The fire jack telephone is the same as the ordinary landline handle, but its plug is a little different. The fire jack telephone is used by inspectors. There is a manual alarm button in the building. There is a hole on the button, and the inspector packs a jack if something happens. Plug the phone directly into the hole of the manual alarm button to talk to the central control room. The fire telephone line is the same as the telephone line, so it cannot be used under high temperature conditions.

Both high-rise buildings and commercial buildings need to install fire-fighting phones. If the fire-fighting phones have not been burnt down, they can be used with backup power.

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2. Ko mēs varam darīt?

Mēs esam specializējušies industrial handset for firefighter telephone. We can also customized the handset to meet all of customer's requirement. If you have any interests please feel free to contact me!

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