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The first line of defense in the smart campus-access control system

Laiks: 2021-06-18

The first line of defense in the smart campus-access control system

1.What does a complete access control system include?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the most basic operation students need to return to school is temperature measurement. However, due to the large number of students, it often requires a lot of manpower to deal with it. Even some schools require daily temperature measurement, and registration of temperature measurement data is entirely dependent on manual registration, which is inefficient. Therefore, can it not only ensure the safety of students, but also improve efficiency? Our customers have introduced a complete set of access control systems. The purpose is for the children to go to school happily and return home safely. No need to waste too much time on temperature measurement.

Intelligent swing gate: It has its own infrared module, once someone crashes into it, an alarm will be issued immediately. There is also an anti-pinch function, which can prevent children from being caught by the swing door when they enter and exit;

Visitor machine: To enter the campus, foreigners must register their identity on the visitor machine, and the administrator can authorize them to enter the campus;

Electronic school card: each student wears a school card to go in and out of the campus to swipe the card.


2. Ko mēs varam darīt?

Mēs specializējamies rūpniecībā keypad for the access control system, ar augstu kvalitāti un konkurētspējīgu cenu. Ja jums ir kādas intereses, lūdzu, sazinieties ar mani!

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