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Pretvandāla metāla tastatūra, kas uzstādīta āra atslēgu seifa bloķēšanas kastē

Laiks: 2020-09-03

Apsveicam Xianglong Anti-vandal Metal Keypad Installed in our customer's outdoor keys safe lock boxes, with the improvement of people's living standards, people also pay more attention to improving residential and commercial security plans. When encountering some emergency situations, such as fire or theft, they can quickly open the box to get the key they placed. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a safety lock box outside the door.

Ksianglongs Anti-vandal Metal Keypad using stainless steel material/zinc alloy material, resulting in high anti-knock performance. Users can choose keys layout, LED color, communication signal according to their actual demand. The keypad also recommends applying to areas such as vending machine, gate access and industrial telephones.

Providing users with the satisfying high-tech products has always been Xianglong’s pursuit by relying on the development of science and technology. If you are also looking for this type keypad for any of your project, please contact us without hesitation!