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Aliquam Steel Keypad

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Vandal resistant stainless steel LCD numeric fuel dispenser keypad B701


Est enim maxime cibus dispensator, vending apparatus, accessum control system, publicae securitatis ratio facilities et aliis.

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1.20 Keys vandal-proof IP65 stainless steel matrix keypad.10 number keys, 10 function keys. 

2.Keys are good touch feeling and accurate data input without any noise. 

3.Easy to install and maintenance; flush mount. 

4.The panel and buttons are made of stainless steel 304, which is highly rugged, vandal-proof, against corrosion, weather-proof. 

5.Font and pattern of key surface can be customized. 

6.The keypad is waterproof, anti-drilling and removal-proof. 

7.The keypad uses double-sided PCB and mental dome; Good contact. 

8.The labels on the buttons are made by etching, and fill in high strength paint.

1.Surface treatment of frame and keys: satin-finished or mirror polish. 

2.Connectors:USB, PS / 2, XH socket,PIN,RS232,DB9.


Input intentione

3.3V / 5V



actus Reductione Monetali

250g / 2.45N (puncto Impetus)

Flexilis vitae

Plus quam mille D cycles

Longius Key Travel


operationem temperatus

℃ -25~LXV ℃ +


℃ -40~LXV ℃ +

relative humiditas

30 -95%%

Pressio atmosphaerica

60Kpa 106Kpa,


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