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Jail Telephone Handset
  • Jail Telephone HandsetJail Telephone Handset
  • Jail Telephone HandsetJail Telephone Handset
  • Jail Telephone HandsetJail Telephone Handset
  • Jail Telephone HandsetJail Telephone Handset
  • Jail Telephone HandsetJail Telephone Handset
  • Jail Telephone HandsetJail Telephone Handset

Jail Telephone Handset

SINIWO is an original factory and supplier of jail telephone handset in China. We have distributor of jail telephone handset in North American market, who could offer fast delivery time and after sale service. We are searching for qualified distributor or wholesaler of jail telephone handset as long-term partner in the global market.


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Product Description

SINIWO jail telephone handset is designed to meet or beat all of the published specifications for handsets for use on public terminals in jail. The handset has strength and durability characteristics that exceed any handset which is manufactured in China. This jail telephone handset manufactured by SINIWO is with vandal proof design, rugged surface and sealed space, which is safe to use in prisons.

Parameter of jail telephone handset:

Model No.


Waterproof Grade


Ambient Noise


Working Frequency



5~15 dB


-7~2 dB

Working Temperature


Relative Humidity


Atmospheric Pressure


Pulling Strength


Feature of jail telephone handset:

As a jail telephone handset used in prisons, anti-vandalism and the safety features are the main factors which we need consider. Then how to improve the jail telephone handset safety and avoid it becoming weapon or possession drugs by prisoners? From structure, we glue the handset caps with exceeds 130 foot-pounds removal torque. This ensures that the caps cannot be removed by the public using small hand tools or bare-hands. As a comparison, lug bolts for car tires require about 75 ft-lbs of torque to remove. 

This jail telephone handset is mainly designed for telephones, PC tablet, kiosk or vending machines in jail. For different application, the handset requests different length cord and electrical connections. For telephones, the regular connection is AMP connectors but for PC or kiosk, normally USB-A or DC audio jack are requested.    

Jail telephone handset external curly cord details:

Flexible interlocking stainless steel SUS304 Stainless steel armored cord (Default)

 - Standard armored cord length 32 inch and 10 inch, 12 inch,18 inch and 23 inch are optional.  

 - Include steel lanyard which is anchored to telephone shell. Matched steel rope is with different pull strength.

 - Dia: 1.6mm, 0.063”, Pull test load:170 kg, 375 lbs.

- Dia: 2.0mm, 0.078”, Pull test load:250 kg, 551 lbs.

- Dia: 2.5mm, 0.095”, Pull test load:450 kg, 992 lbs.  

Jail telephone handset wire details:  

Stranded wire of at least 26 gauge is used to ensure good transmission quality and flexibility any durability. The insulation is Teflon, which does not support a flame from heat. (Cigarette lighters on other types of insulation will cause the insulation to catch fire and burn.) Most competitors use a smaller gauge wire and a cheaper insulation, resulting in potential problems for transmission and fire.

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