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Metalna tipkovnica ugrađena u samoposlužni kiosk u Danskoj

Vrijeme: 2020-06-05

Self-service kiosks are a series of intelligent terminal devices that can provide all-day self-service and are easy to operate and convenient.It makes the majority of users of the daily payment and electronic payment business more convenient.The kiosk has realized a variety of convenient functions, including public utilities fee payment, mobile phone recharge payment, movie ticket purchase, welfare lottery purchase, performance ticket purchase, train ticket purchase, coupon printing, insurance purchase payment, bank card transfer, credit card repayment, bank card balance inquiry and so on.

The self-service payment kiosks enable differentiation between competitors and brings benefits to both the customer and the service provider in terms of flexibility, control and reduction of time. In addition, it reduces costs with human resources, making the process easier and more autonomous for the user.

Customers now demand interactive features while making a purchase decision, which is encouraging companies to adopt kiosk technology. This, in turn, will foster the kiosks market growth over the projected horizon.

XiangLong Communication Industry offers a wide variety of high quality, waterproof, vandal resistant kiosk keypads. Sve su tipkovnice izrađene od trajnih ne hrđajući Čelik or legura cinka, Površina gumba, izgled i uzorak gumba mogu se prilagoditi prema zahtjevima kupca.

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