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Teclado de aceiro inoxidable

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Anti vandal outdoors 3x5 layout rugged door access metal keypad B722


It's mainly for fuel dispenser;vending machine,access control system, security system and some other public facilities.

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Tensión de entrada

3.3V / 5V

Grao impermeable


Forza de actuación

250g/2.45N(Pressure point)

Rubber Life

More than 500 thousand cycles

Key Travel Distance


Temperatura de traballo

-25 ℃~+ 65 ℃

Temperatura de almacenamento

-40 ℃~+ 85 ℃

humidade relativa

30%% 95-

Presión atmosférica


Structure Drawing
Dimension Drawing

Matrix Circuit Drawing


1.Keypad made of stainless steel.Vandal resistance.

2.Font button surface and pattern can be customized according to customer requirements

3.Double-sided board,Good for contact of gold-finger.

4.3X5 layout, Matrix design. 10 number buttons and 5 function buttons

Users select

1.Buttons layout could be customized as clients’ request.

2.With the exception of the telephone, the keyboard can also be designed for other purposes


Carton size: 43x35x12.5cm

QTY.: 30pcs/ carton

G.W.: 10kg/carton

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