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Companaidh gnìomhachais conaltraidh Yuyao Xianglong, Ltd. was established in 2005, located in Yuyao, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. It is mainly specialized in the production of industrial and military communication telephone handsets, cradles, keypads and related accessories. With14 years’ development, it has 6,000 square meters of production plants and 80 employees now, which has the ability from original production design, molding development, injection molding process, sheet metal punching processing, mechanical secondary processing, assembly and oversea sales. Under the help of 8 experienced R&D engineers, we could customize various non-standard handsets, keypads and cradles for customers quickly.

With our molding workshop, molding injection workshop, sheet metal punching workshop, stainless steel font etching workshop, wire processing workshop, we produce 70% components by ourselves, which guaranteed the quality and delivery time. And we have introduced button graphic analyzer, working life tester, elastic tester, salt spray tester, keypad visual scanner, pulling strength tester, military grade high and low temperature tester, drop tester, world standard electroacoustic index tester, etc, to ensure the technical requirements and standards meet the demand at home and abroad.

In order to enhance the company's competitiveness, the company has carried out 6S management activities, lean production management activities, quality improvement special activities, Mechanical automation improvement, human resources system, corporate culture system and other activities to improve quality and efficiency in recent years. It has enhanced the cohesiveness and enthusiasm of all personnel and has played a very gratifying effect.

A ’gabhail ri bhith a’ toirt seachad iuchraichean gnìomhachais agus armachd earbsach, fìnealta agus innealan-làimhe fòn mar mhisean a ’chompanaidh againn, tha sinn a’ cuimseachadh air a bhith mar stiùiriche cruinneil ann am meur-chlàr gnìomhachais agus innealan-làimhe cian-conaltraidh. Le luach altruism, innleachdas, ionracas, strì, co-obrachadh agus ùr-ghnàthachadh agus an tòir air sàr-mhathais, tha sinn ag amas air a bhith mar an aon phrìomh sholaraiche proifeasanta de mheur-chlàran gnìomhachais agus innealan-làimhe ann am margaidh na cruinne. Tha sinn a ’creidsinn gun coilean sinn ar n-amasan agus gun cuireadh sinn ri leasachadh conaltradh gnìomhachais leis gach oidhirp!