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SINIWOk 2020 CNY Jaialdiaren Gala ospatu zuen urtarrilaren 9an

Denbora: 2020-01-11

As we all know Chinese New Year is the biggest traditional festival in China, our company held 2019-2020 Festival Gala on Jan,9th to celebrate this holiday.

Year by year, Xianglong has been developed for 14 years since 2005. At the same time, Xianglong's sales business achieved a great increase in 2019:

Our business distribution:

The telefono telefonoa business ranked Top 1!


The industrial keypad business ranked Top 2! 


The kako etengailua and other telephone acceccories business raised a lot compared to 2018.

C06-1The company's growth is inseparable from everyone's joint efforts. Our sales team's business development, our production department's hard work, our R&D team's technical suppot, and more important thanks customers support always.

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