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Kio Estas Viaj Memoroj DE Publikaj Telefonoj?

Tempo: 2020-12-02


When mobile phones were not popular, public phones became the choice for many people to contact family, friends and even lovers. In earlier TV series, couples also talked about their concerns in public phone booths. This can be seen in the 2G and 3G era. Perhaps in the eyes of many 2000s youngers, public phones and IC cards are unfamiliar things that cannot be heard.


The telephone is a public communication equipment introduced from abroad in the early 1990s. After inserting the IC card, you can make a call, which to a certain extent solved the difficulty of most people in that era; especially on campus, IC card, The campus card was once a must-have for students. Long lines to make calls in shopping malls or public telephone booths were a unique scenery at that time.


Once the public telephone was synonymous with the new trend. Put in a few coins, or insert a thin phone card, and enter the number. No matter how far apart the two people are, you can hear each other’s voice immediately through the receiver; now in many film and television works , The public phone booth is still an important prop for expressing romance and longing.

In the era when landline telephones were not popular, public telephones solved many people's urgency and saved many lives.


The popularity of mobile phones has brought about the depression of public phones. Now, even in a prosperous area, walking up to three or five stops, it is difficult to find a public telephone.

In fact, public telephones can call emergency numbers 110, 119, 120, and 122 for free. Nowadays, public telephones are gradually turning into "emergency telephones", which are the infrastructure of cities and are especially important in today's aging society.


For more than a hundred years, public telephones have always accompanied each city and the lives of the people; it has conveyed people's joys, sorrows, sorrows, and witnessed the changes of the century. In recent years, the public phone seems to have faded out of people’s field of vision, but its historical mission has not yet ended. After repositioning its business functions, it will continue to accompany people to welcome a better tomorrow.


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