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Red IP65 Warterproof Handsets Were Installed In Pool Emergency Telephone Project

Tempo: 2020-03-20

ruĝa waterproof handsets were installed in our customer's pool emergency telephone project. Our customer shared the installation photos above and told us they are very satisfied with our telephone accessories. All the handsets are perfect and working well there.

 Users select:

1. La longo de la tubo estas fleksebla, norma estas 900mm, la diametro de la tubo: Φ8.4mm , Φ7.8mm , Φ6.5mm 

2. Konektilo elekteblas: Y-fosilo, RJ11, XH-pg, USB, Audio-Fanto, Aviada Komunaĵo, XLR-Konektilo, ktp. 

3. Alta rezista ŝtala ŝnura diametro povas esti elektita: normo estas Φ1.6mm, alia diametro estas Φ2.0mm, Φ2.5mm 

4. Telefona Koloro: normo estas nigra aŭ ruĝa, alia koloro povas esti adaptita. 

5. Mikrofono: Elektreta mikrofono aŭ Dinamika mikrofono.

It’s ideal for access control system telecommunication, industrial telephone, vending machine communication, security system and some other public facilities.

Xianglong commit to provide reliable and wonderful products worldwide. We are always ready to help you win and complete projects successfully by offering high-quality products, competitive prices and our professional services.

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