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How to dim the luminous keyboard?

January 05,2022

Generally, it is adjusted through key combination.

I. Basic concepts

Keyboard is an instruction and data input device used to operate equipment. It also refers to a set of function keys (such as typewriter and computer keyboard) arranged by the system to operate a machine or equipment. Keyboard is also a part of keyboard musical instruments. It can also refer to musical instruments that use keyboard, such as piano, digital piano or electronic organ. Keyboard is helpful to practice typing.
The keyboard is the most commonly used and main input device. Through the keyboard, English letters, numbers 7A68646616 FE 58685E 5A EB 931333365633838, punctuation marks, etc. can be input into the computer, thus issuing commands and inputting data to the computer. At first, these keyboards were mostly used in brand name machines, such as HP, Lenovo and other brand name machines, which were the first to adopt these keyboards. They were widely praised and were once regarded as the characteristics of brand name machines.

II. Structure

The keyboard shell are fixed on the keyboard panel and the base by the technology of plastic hidden hooks, thus realizing the design without metal screws. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid damage when decomposing.
In order to meet the needs of different users, the conventional keyboard has three indicator lights (Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock have been omitted in some wireless keyboards) to indicate the current status of the keyboard.
No matter how the form of the keyboard changes, the basic arrangement of keys remains basically unchanged. It can be divided into a main keyboard area, a Num or number auxiliary keyboard area, an F key function keyboard area, a control key area, and a shortcut key area is added to the multifunctional keyboard.
The keyboard circuit board is the control core of the whole keyboard. It is located inside the keyboard and mainly serves as the key scanning identification, coding and transmission interface.
The reverse side of the key cap can be seen as the key plunger, which is directly related to the life of the keyboard, and its friction coefficient is directly related to the feel of the key.

There are four kinds of printing technologies for general keycaps:

a. Ink printing technology
b.Laser etching technology
c.Secondary molding technology
d.Thermal sublimation printing technology