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How to crimp telephone line?

January 05,2022

Connection method of two core telephone line:

Take one end of the two cores telephone line and peel off the outermost insulating layer about 0.5cm to expose the two thin inner cores of the telephone line. Please do not remove the insulating layer on the inner core. Insert the inner core into the two slots in the middle of the two core crystal head, and then insert the clamp and clamp it up and down. At this time, the two inner core wires should be completely connected with the two metal pieces inside the crystal head.
Tips: when two core telephone lines are connected, they can be connected in any order.

 Connection method of four core telephone line:

The connection method of four core telephone line is different from that of two core telephone line. In the process of crimping, attention must be paid to the arrangement order of the four lines in the crystal head (which can be distinguished by color). Turn the two crystal heads away from you. The arrangement order of the inner core on the first crystal head is yellow, green, red and black from top to bottom, while that on the second crystal head should be yellow, green, red and black from top to bottom. The middle two are signal lines and the two sides are data lines.