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How to clean metal keyboard?

January 05,2022

After a long time of use, the metal keyboard will attach many bacteria, microorganisms, and even precipitate dust, wool and other debris, which will affect the beauty of the metal keyboard, and also damage the metal keyboard and corrode the metalkeyboard. Here’s how to clean the metal keyboard.

Use a hair dryer to blow off the dust on the surface of the metal keyboard.

 The disassembly of the metal keyboard is relatively simple. For deep cleaning, you can choose to dismantle the metal keyboard, and then use a hair dryer to clean it from all angles. This can achieve the basic cleaning effect.

2. Choose to use detergent to clean the surface of metal keyboard, this kind of cleaning metal keyboard surface can put a small amount of detergent on the cotton cloth, pay attention not to make too much, slightly let the cotton cloth have a little damp feeling, then use cotton cloth to gently wipe the surface of metal keyboard, then use dry cotton cloth to wipe one side, finally use wool suction device to suck on the surface of metal keyboard. This will give the metal keyboard a new look.

Disinfection of metal keyboards:

 generally, metal keyboards are touched by many people. For example, the metal keyboards on ATM machines are touched by hundreds of people every day. The disinfection process of the metal keyboard is similar to that of the second kind of cleaning metal keyboard, except that the detergent can be replaced with alcohol, so as to eliminate the problem that the metal keyboard becomes the source of virus infection.
Finally, in the process of cleaning the metal keyboard, we should pay attention not to use too much liquid, especially directly use water to clean the metalkeyboard. Once the water seeps into the metal keyboard or remains on the surface of the metal keyboard, it will directly damage the metal keyboard.