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How to choose the right keyboard?

January 05,2022

Most cheap keyboards are designed with plastic film keys, which have poor hand feel.

Of course, some high-end products such as Apple use better aluminum alloy materials and ultra-thin designs, have better overall workmanship, and use shorter key strokes, which are suitable for long-term input. However, in general, keyboards using CHERRY MX mechanical key axes have better feedback than thin-film keyboards and gradually become the new favorites in the market.

At present, CHERRY MX mechanical key shaft has four main styles, such as tea shaft, red shaft, green shaft and black shaft, which provide different levels of feedback and key path resistance.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose correctly according to its own use when purchasing.

First of all, the tea shaft and the green shaft have the fastest feedback effect and are suitable for typing. Among them, the tea shaft has moderate feedback and is the most moderate, so it is also the most popular style. Another advantage is that the typing sound will not be too loud. Relatively speaking, the press resistance of the green shaft is larger than that of the tea shaft, and the press level is more definite. It is suitable for users who use the mechanical keyboard for the first time and helps to cultivate the sense of input.

The red axis and the black axis have smaller key feedback, of which the red axis is smaller.

 Both key axes are more suitable for game operation and more sensitive in response. Therefore, if you want to choose a mechanical keyboard for daily office typing, the tea axis and the blue axis are better choices. Red and black axes are more suitable for game users who need to press multiple keys at one time.