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Слушалка с висока магнитна и слухова апаратура, предназначена за телефони за спешни случаи

Време: 2020-11 12-


Xianglong’s Telephone handsets  were widely used in public, courtesy, emergency, security, and prison Telephones. However, when faced with a special service group, suppose a hearing-impaired person encounters an emergency when entering the elevator and needs to make an emergency call for help. Can Xianglong's telephone receiver still meet the requirements? The external appearance of the handset looks the same, so what are the difference and special place of the part configuration inside? 


Does Xianglong have a handset configuration suitable for hearing impaired people?


As a leading manufacturer of industrial telephone accessories, We serve hundreds of customers in the phone industry, Xianglong certainly have it’s own solution for this. Xianglong used EA1512 receiver with hearing loop for other customers who have hearing loop request. Pretty good effect.


EA1512 high magnetic receiver data as below:


- MF Intensity radial≥-22dB at 1KHz, 0 dB=1 A/m

- Frequency Response Range: 300 Hz-3400 Hz 

- Sensitivity: 98±2 dB at 1 Hz 60mV

- Impedance: 150±20 ohm at 1 KHz 60mV


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