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Xianglong Explosion Proof Handset Was Installed At Kiosk Project In Turkey

Час: 2020-02-28

170pcs G style ABS material handsets A01 and cradles C06 were installed in Turkey customer's Telephone system on Feb,26th. Our customer shared the installation photos above and told us they are very satisfied with our telephone accessories. All the handsets are perfect and working well there.

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A01 handset Асаблівасці:

1.Shell is made of  Special PC/ ABS

2.304# stainless steel armoured cord or PVC coiled Cord

3.Прыдатлівасць і Hi-Fi перадатчык і прыёмнік

C06 cradle Асаблівасці:

1.Hook body made of high quality zinc alloy chrome, has a strong anti-destruction capability.

2.Пакрыццё паверхняй, каразійная ўстойлівасць.

3.High quality reed  switch, continuity and reliability.

They're ideal for Offshore Oli rig, Mining, (Rail)Trackside, Roadside, Tunnel, Power Plants, Prison, kiosks, etc...

Xianglong commits to providing reliable and wonderful products worldwide. We are always ready to help you win and complete projects successfully by offering high-quality products, competitive prices, and our professional services.

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