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Smart Cities Will Soon Be Filled With "WiFi Kiosks"

Час: 2020-01-02

It's learned that New York  has the most advanced urban wireless network in North America. Payphone kiosks around this area are gradually being replaced by wifi self-service kiosks.At present, dozens of cities around the world are gradually becoming so-called "smart cities", and New York is one of them. Cities are closely connected with various advanced technologies. In addition to mobile devices and advertising, they also include more complex medical, energy, and transportation etc,.For a city want to become a "smart city", it must stay ahead in these areas!

In addition to New York, other cities include Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Lisbon, and London. But for now, everyone is paying attention to New York, because in recent years, New York's free wireless network LinkNYC is quickly replacing wireless phone kiosks with existing ones in the city. "With the rapid growth of the urban population, LinkNYC has become the most important advertising network provider from the first and most powerful wireless network service provider. It can provide the fastest Internet speed, not only supporting urban WiFi, but also Gigabit per second speed.


Што тычыцца знешняга выгляду, кожны павільён выглядае як велізарны смартфон, а карыстацкая паверхня серабрыста-белай базы перашкаджае графіці вулічных мастакоў. Усе кіёскі Wi-Fi маюць дзіўны 55-цалевы лічбавы экран з абодвух бакоў, A 16-ключ метал клавіятура ўсталёўваецца пасярэдзіне, што зручна для выбару людзей.

In many ways, Wifi kiosk is the darling of the city. It's free to residents and tourists in the city, and it can also generate advertising revenue.


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