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Maska satış maşınında quraşdırılmış işıqlandırılmış metal klaviatura

Saat: 2020-05-19

Gaming equipment maker Razer is aiming to give out millions of free face masks in Singapore as the country grapples with a recent surge in coronavirus cases.

The tech firm, which is headquartered in both Singapore and the United States, had already pivoted to making masks in response to the pandemic. Now it's planning to double that production, as well as set up its own public vending machines.

The increased production is to "ensure a continuous resupply" in Singapore, the company said.

The new vending machines aim to "ensure that the public always has access to masks when out and about," for instance if someone forgets to bring one from home, the company said.

Face mask vending machines are beginning to pop up around Asia as suppliers look for simple ways to directly reach the public. Last month, a prominent art collector in Hong Kong also said he would distribute free masks to people in the city using vending machine outlets.

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