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Xianglong Metal IP65 Keypad Used In Gate Fence Access Control

Tyd: 2020-12-09


As an important guarantee for families and communities, gate fence access control systems are an essential and important part of smart cities and smart communities, providing security for people's lives.

 Xianglong provides various electronic digital access control keypads all over the world over 15 years, such as zinc alloy material keypad B661,stainless steel keypad B880, we trust it would be the best choice if you're looking for keypad sources for access control or telephone entry projects.


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Xianglong have its own molding workshop、 molding injection workshop、 sheet metal punching workshop、 stainless steel font etching workshop、 and wire processing workshop, we produce 70% components by ourselves, so we could better guarantee the nice quality and delivery time.

Xianglong ondersteun OEM, ons is altyd gereed om u te help om projekte suksesvol te wen en te voltooi deur produkte van hoë gehalte, mededingende pryse en ons professionele dienste aan te bied.

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