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Vandal resistant stainless steel LCD numeric fuel dispenser keypad B701


The 20 key S.series keypads are specially  designed for public environment applications, such as vending machines, ticket machines,  payment terminals, telephones, access  control systems and industrial machinery. Keys and front panel are built from SUS304#  stainless steel with high resistance to impact  and vandalism and is also sealed to IP67.

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1.20 Keys vandal-proof IP65 stainless steel matrix keypad.10 number keys, 10 function keys. 

2.Keys are good touch feeling and accurate data input without any noise. 

3.Easy to install and maintenance; flush mount. 

4.The panel and buttons are made of stainless steel 304, which is highly rugged, vandal-proof, against corrosion, weather-proof. 

5.Font and pattern of key surface can be customized. 

6.The keypad is waterproof, anti-drilling and removal-proof. 

7.The keypad uses double-sided PCB and mental dome; Good contact. 

8.The labels on the buttons are made by etching, and fill in high strength paint.

1.Frame and keys are made of SUS304#  stainless steel material Conductive metal domes - 2.Working life: 1 million cycles of operation  per key Elastic force: 250g 1.5mm thickness UL approved printed circuit  board with golden fingers


Input Voltage


Waterproof Grade


Actuation Force

250g/2.45N(Pressure point)

Rubber Life

More than 500 thousand cycles

Key Travel Distance


Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


Relative Humidity


Atmospheric Pressure



Mainly used for fuel dispenser

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