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Xianglong Factory's Reliable Quality Control Over Raw Materials

Time: 2019-12-27

As time flies ver soon, Xianglong has beed specialized in the production of industrial and military communication telephone handsets, cradles, keypads and related accessories over 14 years.With the continuous development of these years,we have our own molding workshop, molding injection workshop, sheet metal punching workshop, stainless steel font etching workshop, wire processing workshop, we produce 70% components by ourselves, which guaranteed a large part of the quality and delivery time.Besides this, we have many high-quality raw material supply chains and processing chains as support to meet the customized needs of different customers.

Then how does Xianglong control the quality of supplier chains?

1.Without the company's decision, Purchasing department can't change suppliers by themselves.

2.For all materials that need external processing, the defect rate must be controlled within 1%. Such as Zinc Alloy types keypad frames and cradles all need to plating at outside suppliers.

3.Before the processing materials into the warehous, the quality department needs to carry out random inspections according to a certain ratio,if the defective rate is exceeded then need return to the supplier.

4.The materials need to be neatly placed and free of clutter,to avoid damage during transportation.



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