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Xianglong Communication-an indispensable partner for self-service terminal manufacturers

Time: 2021-03-20

With the development of the economy, vending machines have appeared on the streets and alleys; self-service ticket purchases and ticket collections have also become popular in transportation systems such as airports and stations; hospitals, banks, government halls and other institutions are also spreading different self-service terminal equipment , Which greatly facilitates people's living standards and improves work efficiency.


Self-service kiosks are very common nowadays, and self-service terminals of major banks can be found everywhere, and the operating procedures of these self-service terminals are basically the same. What is the reason for the same reason? Lets explore it exactly.


It can be seen that basically all the kiosk keyboards are the same. The reason for this is that the kiosk keyboard is powerful and practical, easy to operate, and can encrypt information, so it is widely used in major self-service terminals.


First, briefly introduce the function description of the keyboard of the self-service machine. The numbers on the keyboard are used for input, and the current operation is canceled when pressing Esc. For example, if you want to deposit but click to withdraw, then press cancel to terminate the operation, ENTER The key represents the confirmation key. Moreover, the function of each button will be displayed on the screen, and there will be corresponding prompts for each operation step, which ensures the simplicity of the kiosk keyboard.

More and more self-service terminal devices have entered our field of vision, and many places such as airports, railway stations, bus stations, hospitals, universities, banks, government service halls, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. will have these devices.


As a well-known domestic manufacturer of industrial keyboards, Xianglong communication products cover media, commerce, security, education, catering, medical and other fields. Xianglong Communication has integrated solution capabilities from product design, mold development, injection molding processing, stamping sheet metal processing, mechanical secondary processing, assembly and sales. It has 8 full-time developers and can quickly customize various non-standard models for customers. Handle, keyboard and hanging fork. Xianglong Communication has successively passed CE certification and ISO9001 certification. The strict quality control system ensures the reliability of the products, and the sound research and development system guarantees the continuous innovation of the products. In order to provide customers with better products and services, Xianglong Communication continues to expand and improve marketing channels, and has established a strong marketing channel service network in the industry.